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Ask Young Gene Roddenberry

Young Gene Roddenberry decided to open up to his audience and address many of the questions that have come in about his strip “Gene’s Journal.” He receives many questions from fans who have always wanted to talk to Gene but never had the chance.

Well, here’s your chance! Every Sunday, young Gene Roddenberry will be answering a few of the many questions sent in by fans. If you have a question that you’ve always wanted to ask young Gene Roddenberry, feel free to send him a question to

Fan Q & A Update: 8/3/2008
Fan Q:
Hey Gene! Do I detect a crush on your teacher?
– Submitted by Jessica M. (Long Beach, CA)
Gene: Um…uhhh…uhhh…  Umm…I like her sweaters….

Fan Q: When you’re with the aliens, does time stop on Earth? Do you ever miss school or your parents wonder where you are always off to when you get zapped?
– Submitted by Laura C. (Norfolk, VA)
Gene: I dunno if time stops on Earth, but gee whiz — sometimes when I’m with 4 and 6, it sure seems like a long time.  Come to think of it, whenever I get zapped back, it doesn’t seem like anything has changed or anybody notices – and WHEW!  I’m sure glad of that ’cause I know I’d get in trouble (especially in school if I don’t have a hall pass).

I don’t know how they do it – they tried to explain it to me once (something about a “space-time contin..continu…” – anyway, I didn’t understand what they were saying.  Heck, we haven’t even dissected a frog yet in science class.

Fan Q & A Update: 8/24/2008
Fan Q: What’s the most embarrassing place the aliens beamed you to?
– Submitted by Andrew J. (Las Vegas, NV)
Gene: Girls’ locker room.  (Thanks, 4 and 6 – I got detention for that.)

Fan Q: Have you explored the alien’s ship? What’s it like in there?
– Submitted by Kaia S. (Las Vegas, NV)
Gene: Oh, boy – sure have!  4 and 6 are really cool about letting me see stuff.  There are lots of buttons and lights and knobs, but they don’t let me touch anything since that time I crashed their ship.  It kinda smells like my doctor’s office, though.  Ooh – there are also these really neat machines that make all kinds of food – whatever you want!   And I saw a picture of Miss Chapel by their front window, too (that was weird)….gosh, I sure like her sweater…

I had a lot of fun answering your questions!  I hope everyone sends me more!

See ya later!